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My Schwarzkoff Elementary
My Schwarzkoff Elementary is a site that contains links to sites that allow you to personalize your experience with our School. The links below give you real time access to information regarding your student's classes, grades, attendance, college and career dreams.


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The UCS App gives parents the opportunity to personalize the information they receive from the district. In addition to UCS information, users can customize their options to also receive news, notifications and calendar dates from their favorite school. The parent portal on the App also allows busy parents the ability to securely access their student’s information, including schedules, attendance, academic performance and bus routes. The app is available for free download at iTunes and Google Play Store.

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PowerSchool allows parents to access information about their student's attendance and academic progress. The communication system also allows parents to register for monthly, weekly or daily e-mail alerts regarding their student's progress. Please follow this link
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 Our new Web site has a calendar that can be personalized at this link. You can also customize the calendar to view by week, day or month.


PaySchools is a secure method to pay for items related to Schwarzkoff Elementary. Items include fees, school store merchandise and miscellaneous materials. The link for our school is available at this link.

Paying Meals On-line
On-Line Deposits and Account Management - Schwarzkoff parents may want to consider setting up an on-line account to manage and monitor their student’s meal activity through